Category: Arcade

The Phoenix is an endless shooter game, shoot the enemy and get coin to earn score
Another of Longtie's adventure! Help him defeat wave after wave of enemies by throwing an infinite number of ties at them! Grab items, upgrade yourself on the shop and maybe pick m [...]
Tap to change the circle's rotation direction. Dodge the blocks and collect the spinning squares to earn points.It starts out easy, but quickly becomes much more challenging. See h [...]
Welcome to the game, the car must be careful not to get hit by the UFO missiles you must click on the missiles to destroy them and jump when the motorcycle launches its rocket
Try to break all the bricks without dropping the ball.This is a very fun popular game.Brick Breaker
Up Color Plane is an amzing game to play, you only have to match the same plane color as the seqaure color, it is fun to play and simple game to play.
Hi play at Xvelocity ... you just have to hit the blue ball, be careful not to catch the red one, you will lose
If you know well who the funny Peppa Pig is, and you are happy to follow the adventures of her and other characters of the popular cartoon, then most likely you will be able to enj [...]
Harvy Runner is a non stop action running game where you have to keep Little Harvy safe while he collects stars. Clear a safe path for Harv by destroying bombs, killing monsters, o [...]
Mike & Munk is a game where you control 2 characters: the boy and the squirrel. Help them escape from an abandoned mine full of traps and dangerous enemies. Arrow keys or A D to mo [...]