Category: Board Game

Mahjong Connect with a Dark theme. Connect 2 of the same tiles and remove all tiles.
Click and collapse groups of mahjong tiles. Try to remove all tiles.
Play all Fives Domino game with your partner. Drag tiles on the board, try to get multiples of 5 on the ends of the domino chain to score.
The ultimate Bingo game. Mark the balls on your bingo cards and click 'Bingo' when you have 5 in a row.
Remove all tiles from the game. You can only reach the tiles via the sides.
Remove all the Maya Mahjong Blocks. Click on two of the same blocks to remove the blocks.
The board game Nine Men Morris or Mill.
Cute Animal cards clicker - is a clicker game with lots of cards with cute animals and pets. Click on cards to unlock new animals and unlock new levels. Get more coins and upgrade [...]
Spell as many words as possible by tweaking the starting word!How to play:- Make an anagram- Add a letter- Remove a letter- Swap out a letter
White Tiles is an addicting game that tests your reflexes against time and movement! Is it easy! Everybody can handle it, but not everyone can handle it well! White Tiles includes [...]