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Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by the Swedish video game developer Mojang Studiosuse the mouse to play the game
Housework time! There is some mess in Baby Taylor's home. It's time to clean up. She wants to make the room cleaner and tidier, but there is many housework he can't do yet. Please [...]
Cute Girl Avatar Maker is a dress-up and decoration game! You can create your own cute boy and girl characters. You have to dress up the models with nice clothes and accessories. D [...]
Birthday Cake For My Boyfriend is a cake making and decorating game. Tomorrow is Chris's birthday and Zoe wants to make a tiramisu for him. Give her a hand and follow the steps to [...]
Baby First Aid Tips This game teaches children 5 home aids. Rinse with cold water to relieve the pain of burns and add water to relieve the symptoms of heat stroke. Disinfect in ti [...]
Baby Care Game is a very cute care game. In this game, you will learn how to take care of a baby. There are four babies waiting for you to take care of. Choose the one you like the [...]
Violet My Little Girl is a girl dress up game. First wake up Violet. Coat her face with soap and dry it with a pink towel tool. Fill the bathtub with water and give her a bath. Now [...]
Smash Diy Slime is an addictive and artistic casual game. You can relax yourself with this amazing game. Just swipe the slime on the screen and you can feel the relaxing sound and [...]
Baby Tailor Clothes Maker game in which you are a fashion tailor store! Now, you play a little fashion tailor. Have a different idea about the clothes displayed in the store window [...]
Train Builder is a puzzle math brain game. Do you dream of driving or building a train? Now will help you realize your dreams today! You can build your own train. However, you need [...]