Tag: Dress Up

Barbie is making wedding preparations. She is choosing an outfit for the wedding dress rehearsal. Let's make her a very stylish brideTap the screen to play
Housework time! There is some mess in Baby Taylor's home. It's time to clean up. She wants to make the room cleaner and tidier, but there is many housework he can't do yet. Please [...]
Design luxury outfits and amazing looks for a superstar family of 4 gorgeous virtual models on the same screen! Each character have their own wardrobe with 200+ items of apparel, m [...]
The TicToc Dance team was built to captivate and their social media following definitely proves it. They brought popular bloggers under one roof to launch their short video account [...]
Cute Girl Avatar Maker is a dress-up and decoration game! You can create your own cute boy and girl characters. You have to dress up the models with nice clothes and accessories. D [...]
Violet My Little Girl is a girl dress up game. First wake up Violet. Coat her face with soap and dry it with a pink towel tool. Fill the bathtub with water and give her a bath. Now [...]
Sweet Baby Mermaid Life game learn about the secret life of cute and friendly mermaids and a mermaid boy! Explore the ocean and play fun games with cute dolphins, exotic fish, crab [...]
Bffs Hello Halloween is a Halloween themed dress up game. . The Buffs girls plan to welcome this Halloween with something special. Therefore, they decided to paint some Halloween p [...]
Halloween Salon is a very popular makeup game. Halloween is coming. What are you going to dress up as? If you have no idea. Have a look at this game. Choose a character, make her u [...]
Welcome to My Perfect Halloween Costume, a game where the Buff Girls decide to celebrate this spooky holiday, just like they did when they were little! That means these princesses [...]