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Connection is an easy, fun and very addictive puzzle game. It's very challenging and trains your brain. Just try to connect all the dots with just one touch. Find out the best way [...]
Sudoku Master is a puzzle sudoku game. The goal of the game is to fill a nine-by-nine grid with numbers from one to nine so that they do not repeat in the same columns, rows and sq [...]
Ball Giant Rush is a fun game to train your reflexes. You need to control the ball to collect balls of the same color as his in order to make it bigger. Remember to try to avoid co [...]
Baby Panda Train Driver is a casual baby game. With a handsome front end, plus a long carriage and cargo box, this little train is assembled! Go on an adventure in it! Passengers a [...]
What else do you need if you have an armored train? That's right, a whole train carriage full of charming dancers! Get them through the whole country entertaining the public in tow [...]
Super Wordle Game is an excellent game to train your vocabulary! You can choose any mode to challenge! There are 26 letters in which you need to find the correct answer. You can tr [...]
Welcome to Train! The train is a collecting puzzle game. Collect everyone on the level by manipulating the train. The more passengers collected, the longer the train will be. When [...]
Help Santa deliver the presents in this crazy running game. Race down the city streets avoiding all of the obstacles as you try to score as many points as possible.Arrow keys or ta [...]
Mr. Box sleeps too much. Wake him up in this physic based puzzle game. Wake Up The Box is a physics-based puzzle game with a lot of fixed and moving parts involved on each level. U [...]
All kids love trains! This is a classic Choo Choo Train educational game. Let your child make the train growing and learn letters and numbers and colors same time! Very simple rule [...]